We are a 100% volunteer based operation Radio Station.With Main Servers in New York and the West Coast.We use Vision1Radio Studios to stream live and to run Technological Education Programming.

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Vision 1 Radio: A Beacon of Community Outreach and Education Technology

New Programs To Empower Families
& Small Businesses

In a rapidly evolving world, Vision 1 Radio stands out as a beacon of community outreach, leveraging the transformative power of Education Technology. This community radio station has been instrumental in navigating the tumultuous changes in the economy, technology, education, and commerce, making a significant impact on families and individuals since its inception in 2010.

The Birth of Education Technology

Fifty-four years ago, a revolutionary concept called Education Technology emerged, changing the way we perceive life and address human trauma. This approach prioritizes humanity over formality, focusing on emotional and psychological well-being. Education Technology has been particularly influential since 2010, with the advent of new electronic devices facilitating instant access to information. Today’s parents, especially those aged 40 to 50, face the daunting task of defining education amidst this technological revolution.

Vision 1 Radio’s Pioneering Role

Since 2010, Vision 1 Radio has been a trailblazer in the field of Education Technology. The station has played a crucial role in helping hundreds of families navigate the uncertainties brought about by rapid changes in society. By providing a platform for education and discussion, Vision 1 Radio has fostered a sense of community and support.

Historical Context

In the 1970s, professionals from various fields—teachers, doctors, and psychologists—sought to understand the factors leading to family fragmentation and depression. Their research revealed a common denominator: a lack of connection and motivation being only a temporary fix. These findings laid the groundwork for contemporary approaches to mental health and education, which Vision 1 Radio has adeptly incorporated into its programming.

Community Outreach During the Pandemic

Vision 1 Radio, in collaboration with Scout Radio USA, made a significant contribution during the pandemic by launching the “Neutral” program in Spanish. This initiative provided crucial mental health information to Hispanic communities, running for two years thanks to the support of local businesses in King and Snohomish Counties. The success of “Neutral” exemplifies the station’s commitment to community service and its ability to adapt to emerging needs.

Future Programs and Initiatives

Looking ahead, Vision 1 Radio continues to innovate with new programs designed to empower and educate. One such initiative is “The Boar,” set to launch in mid-September 2024. This program aims to bridge the gap between consumers and small businesses at the local level, fostering a better understanding and collaboration. Additionally, Vision 1 Radio plans to revive the “Neutral” and “Feedback City” programs in two languages by 2025, further expanding its reach and impact.

Vision 1 Radio exemplifies the transformative potential of community radio in addressing the challenges of modern society. By embracing Education Technology and fostering community engagement, the station has become a vital resource for families and individuals. As it continues to innovate and expand its programming, Vision 1 Radio remains a guiding light in an ever-changing world.


They did come close to find the main cause of those divorces.Now after fifty some years later, all those findings are helping many humans to understand the radical changes within humanity.Vision 1 Radio has been a Pioneer in this field, helping hundreds of families to navigate within the ocean of uncertainty since 2010.Vision 1 Radio & Scout Radio USA donated two years of Radio Time to volunteers to help run a new program called “Neutral” in Spanish, designed to help Hispanic communities to get important information about mental health within the pandemic.”Neutral” lasted two full years thanks to the support of local businesses in the king and Snohomish County.We have another program that we have been are working on.We are proud to introduce a new Empowering Program Called “The Boar” Coming mid-September designed to help to close the gap of confusion between consumers and small businesses at the localized level.Neutral & Feedback City will also come back in two languages later on in 2024.



Amazing Things Coming To You.

In the Month of September 2023.Scout Radio USA and Vision1Radio will feature a series of Video interviews about your small business each month in the new radio program “The Boar” stay tune for the latest.We will also go live via Vision1Radio Facebook.

Vision1Radio will interview and feature small businesses like yours in the “The Boar” every other week.Some of these interviews will go over a live broadcast, and other pre-recorded.In the show, you will be able to share your vision and mission.What made you open your business in the first place and the struggles and tribulations you go through.Specially during the pandemic.”The Boar”will empower local business by giving them a voice!


Local Community Outreach & Scouting

Vision1 Radio.Supports Scout Radio USA with the Scout movement.Since Boy Scouts now can enroll girls. The movement is now known as Scouting. Where girls and boys can join packs and troops to follow the long 112-year tradition of building leadership within youth. Scout Radio USA is using the servers of Vision1 Radio to broadcast programs on a weekly basis. Neither Vision1Radio nor Scout Radio USA are affiliates of Scouting or any scout troop. These two radio stations are public and independent radio stations run by volunteers only.


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