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"We are a group of innovators and educators who, back in 2006, saw the opportunity to create a real radio station online"

The first online radio was created about thirteen years ago, but there were no dedicated applications to play this content. The only options were the audio players included in computers, such as QuickTime, Media Player, and third-party applications like Shoutcast. Many computer owners didn’t know how to use these players. The “first online radio station” primarily played music, followed by various DJs streaming their music online, often without any kind of censorship.

In a different approach, the founders of Vision 1 Radio created the first fully programmed online radio station with sponsors and ads in 2008, featuring music related to a particular culture or country. This radio station served as a test for the development of a fully programmed bilingual radio station, which was established three years later in 2011 as Vision1Radio. It was the first real radio station to stream online in both Spanish and English, and it has been continuously operating since then.

In 2016, Vision1Radio established Scout Radio USA to support the Scouting movement and promote leadership within communities. These educational technology modules are designed to aid both adults and youth in our communities in finding solutions.

What is
Vision 1 Radio Doing locally Moving Forward?

In 2011 Vision1Radio formally launch their radio programming with “Chui”. A children family show in Spanish developed by children psychologists & counselors designed to empower change and generate solutions using self talk & positive affirmations before going to bed. “Chui” aired every day for half an hour from 7:30 to 8PM.And lasted two seasons. Back in 2016 we had the chance to Create Radical Change with bullying problems within families and schools.Airing live “Connect & Prevent” We also did workshops in the City of Everett, Washington with the great support of the school district.In 2020 Vision1Radio provided Radio Time to Scout Radio USA to stream live every “Thursday” the program “Neutral” in Spanish, to help navigate the Hispanic Communities within the Pandemic to empower change and safety.”Neutral” lasted 24 months, streaming and helping thousands of families to plan &, prevent.

We are starting “The Boar” in August-September of 2024.This program is catered to small business.We will interview one business every week, and we will feature it in our programing.It is going to be great !

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